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Welcome to The Time Scorched Islands

Out in the distant Trackless Sea lies a newly discovered archipelago of islands ripe for the exploring. Four island clusters, made up of at least 20 smaller islands hold in them the lure of adventure, treasure, and tales to tell your grandchildren… if you survive that long.

A small, as of yet unnamed, settlement waits for the arrival of the adventurers who will serve as the town guard, as the standing army, and as the political powers that shape this tiny settlement and see if it has the potential to grow into a bustling town, or collapse under the waves, unremarked and unremembered.

Where to Start

  • The Campaign Background – Details how new characters are drawn into the administration of these new islands
  • Additional Character Creation Rules – Are minimal, but add a little bit extra when creating a new character
  • City Building Guidelines – Are a must for any future city planner
  • Town Areas, and Environs – Don’t look too deeply, yet. There are few spoilers, but much of the discovery of these areas should be saved for in character exploration.

Home Page

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